Confitech, Toffee Cooker made in Italy


If you are looking for a Toffee Cooker more than excellent, you can rely on Confitech experience: for over 4 generations, we produce high-quality machineries for candies making.

Confitech is a leading Italian factory with great experience in the field: so, if you are willing to buy a Milk Toffee Cooker, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. The innovation is the base of our continuous evolution: Confitech puts at your disposal Toffee making machines, tools for the production of soft and hard candies, with sugar or sugar-free.

Companies all over the world appreciate our constant effort. Our goal is a continuous research in order to offer machinery specialized in a very efficient production. Toffee cooker? Not only we sell them, but we follow every step, from the purchase of the best one for your need, between all the toffee making machines available, to the after sale assistance.

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Confitech S.r.l.

Viale Galileo Ferraris, 52
10090 Bruino (TO) – Italy

Phone +39.011.9087982



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