Universal Vacuum Cooker

Universal Vacuum Cooker


Based on PHE technology.
Low steam pressure.
No sugar inversion.
Pneumatically assisted batch discharge.
Highly Flexible System.



Product Description

Flexible vacuum cooker for all types of hard candy including white and brown milk hard candy.

Output capacity from 500 to1.200 kg per hour.

Equipped with a high efficiency, energy saving, Plate Heat Exchanger and a powerful vacuum pump allows fast and consistent cooking with no sugar inversion and very low residual moisture.

CKU models can be enhanced with a special wall scraping stirrer and a volumetric dosing pump to allow the automatic addition of condensed milk, or other heat sensitive ingredients, directly into the flash-off vessel. This overcomes the issues related to the cooking of milk through static cooking equipment.

Milk feeding is electronically controlled and synchronised with the actual throughput to maintain a pre-set milk ratio and ensure consistent quality to the final product.

The possibility to combine cooking temperature, vacuum action, feeding pump speed and milk addition ratio provide exceptional flexibility to the process allowing to produce a wide range of high quality candies with high milk content and a residual moisture below 2%.

Suitable for products where milk colour and flavour must not be altered by the cooking process.

The two stainless steel swinging kettles are equipped with a pneumatically assisted tilting system for a completely effortless batch discharge.

A user friendly operator interface allows simple interaction with the machine including parameters editing and monitoring, alarming and diagnostics.