Laminator / Feeder

Laminator / Feeder


Batch up to 70 Kg (150 lbs).
Feeding up to 2 batch rollers.
Capacity up to 1.200 Kg/h (2,600 lbs/hr).



Product Description

The LAM.70 Laminator /Feeder represents an economical and compact solution for the automation of small plants, allowing to feed a single batch roller.

The LAM.70 first transforms the kneaded and pulled sugar batch into a sugar band. Then the band is conveyed to the batch roller.

A special execution is also available , with an additional distribution belt, to allow feeding two lines from the same machine.

On all models, feeding hopper and laminating rollers are Teflon™ coated and their temperature is independently controlled to avoid sticking of the candy mass.