Kneading & Tempering Machine

Kneading & Tempering Machine


Labour saving and scrap reduction.
Efficient and consistent mixing and tempering.
Batch size from 40 kg up to 70 kg ( 90 – 155 lbs).



Product Description

First introduced and patented by our company in 1950s, kneading machines have changed the way of making candy and are still considered a milestone for the candy industry in batch tempering and mixing of high boiled sugar masses.

Worldwide known for its robustness and reliability, the kneading machine IM70 allows considerable labour saving and scrap reduction if compared to traditional tempering and mixing on tables. Moreover it ensures high and consistent quality to finish product.

The IM70 is composed of a water cooled rotating table on which two powerful water cooled ploughs fold and knead the sugar mass while the table turns.

The kneading time is editable depending on the product wanted. The cycle is entirely controlled by a PLC.

The IM.70 can handle batches from 40 to 70 kg for a capacity of 750 kg/h (1,650 lbs/hr).

When IM70 is used as stand-alone unit, a lifting device allows an effortless loading of the batch on the table .

When integrated in a fully automatic line, the IM70 is equipped with an automatic uploading/downloading device aimed to transfer the kneaded batch to the next processing step without human intervention.