Modular configuration for different products.
Plain Fondant in Bulk.
High Quality Flavoured Fondant Cream.
Fondant with Milk Powder / Fruit Powder.
Simple maintenance and easy cleaning.
Capacity from 200 to 1.000 Kg/h (440 – 2,200 lbs/hr).






Product Description

The newly designed CKF.200/500/1000 kitchen is a fully integrated modular and scalable system designed to produce superior quality fondant creams for many uses.

Several configurations and multiple options are available to customize the system. From plain fondant in bulk for downstream applications to high quality flavoured fondant creams, also containing powdered fruits or milk, to be used for filling preparation of pralines, chocolate bars, hard and soft candy.

Robust and hygienic design, combined with full accessibility simplify maintenance operations and cleaning procedures.

Automatic control of all process parameters, intuitive layout of HMI, process visualization and extensive alarm features ensure easy operation and short training time.

The throughput may range from 200 to 1000 kg per hour.

Depending on the requested configuration the system may include:

  • Weighing and mixing unit SL.2000 to automatically pre-mix and dissolve raw ingredients.
  • Continuous Fondant Cooker CKF.200/500/1000 .
  • One or two Tempering Beaters FBT.200/500 depending on requested throughput.
  • Bob syrup cooking unit to prepare and automatically meter the syrup to be blended after the beaters to control the final moisture and smoothness of the fondant.
  • In-line continuous mixer FMX.100 to ensure a consistent mixing of fondant, bob syrup, flavours, colours or other additives such as powdered fruit or milk.
  • Aromatization units DP.10/40/60 and Dry Feeders DF.10/50 to add liquid colours and flavours as well as granular or powdered additives.