Flavours and Colours Mixer

Flavours and Colours Mixer


Safe mixing of liquid or granular additives to hard candy batches.
Timer controlled operation.
Optional weighing unit.
Capacity batch up to 70 kg



Product Description

The Mixer ME.70B is designed to work with the IM70 Kneading Machine.

It’s used to incorporate flavours and colours into the batch just before the kneading operation.

It is composed of a column carrying, a mixing head and two lifting arms.

As the mixer is started, the bowl containing the boiled mass is lifted up to reach the working position then the mixing arms are automatically operated.

A stainless steel protection grid prevents accidental contact with the mixing arms allowing the addition of colours, flavours or other additives thought a proper funnel, while a safety photocell detects the correct position of the bowl and prevents the arms spinning if the bowl is not properly positioned.

When the mixing is completed the bowl is automatically returned down on the trolley, ready for the next processing step.

If requested, the Mixer can be integrated with an electronic weighing unit to check actual batch weight and adjust additives accordingly.