A Legacy of Innovation

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A Legacy of Innovation

Having its roots in the world renowned  technology, the Italian-based company Confitech is now the fourth generation of a family that since 1932 has manufactured high quality machinery for the production of candy and that has given to this world some of the best and well known innovations.

Beside the unique and innovative Kneading Machine IM.30 that, first patented in the early 50’s, soon became Confitech’s flagship machine, our company was the first to introduce the Cooling Drums and horizontal Pulling Machines to the confectionery industry. Two milestones in terms of process and safety improvement that set the market standards for decades.

As was then, innovation and creativity continue to inspire Confitech that now provides a wide range of equipment for the production of hard and soft candy, solid or centre-filled, sugar-free, lollipops, caramel, toffees, fondant creams and pure-sugar products.

With our tailor made solutions we partnered to the success of many companies around the world and our widely recognized commitment to client satisfaction, quality and service has become a matter of pride for us.

Combining our extensive knowledge of candy making techniques with process oriented design, we can supply single machines to improve existing processes as well as fully automated continuous systems, depending on customer’s needs.